Santa Rosa Short Term Rentals Can Play a Starring Role for You

Travel just a short distance north of San Francisco and you will encounter Santa Rosa, where some of California’s history is still standing. Many of the homes in Santa Rosa are over a century old, having survived the twin disasters of the 1906 earthquake and “re-development” (aka bulldozing). This lends a wonderful charming air to the city which will make your stay in Santa Rosa short term rentals should business bring you to the area.

In Santa Rosa, mixing business and please has never been easier since the city is on the road to the best wine regions of the country, Sonoma and Napa Valleys. It’s just short trip from your Santa Rosa short term rental to tasting rooms of a huge number of top-flight wineries. AnotherSanta Rosa short term rentals benefit is quick access to the lovely California coast, such as the cities of Bodega Bay, Calistoga, Petaluma. Spend a stress-reducing day at the beach, then an easy trip back to your Santa Rosa short term rental by evening.

Santa Rosa Short Term Rentals are Movie-Set Ready

You may have a sense of deja vu when you arrive at your Santa Rosa short term rental, a sense of having been here before. It is not necessarily a case of channeling a past life (though this is California, stranger things have happened!). It may be a result of your moving-viewing choices. Dozens of films have been set in Santa Rosa, and subliminally you may be recalling scenes from movies shot in and around the city. These include classics such as “Shadow of Doubt” by Hitchcock, up to contemporary films such as “Die Hard 2.”

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