Riverside Is Hot – And So Is Our Riverside Corporate Housing

Riverside is a city noted for its’ warm weather – you could say it is hot – and so is our Riverside corporate housing!Riverside corporate housing.

If you are staying in Riverside for any length of time, whether on a contract for your employers or visiting businesses here, you will need Riverside corporate housing that has air conditioning (naturally) and a pool (preferably).

This place is quite seriously hot. The first orange trees were planted here in 1871 when one Eliza Tibbetts received three of them from a personal friend, William Saunders, who worked at the US Department of Agriculture in Washington and sent them from Bahia in Brazil. The Bahia navel orange had been tried in Florida but was not a success. However, in Riverside it flourished.

Trampled By A Cow

Unfortunately in the first year one of them got trampled on by a cow, so the other two were transplanted elsewhere to receive more care. They were later transplanted again, one to the Mission Inn property in 1903, but this died in 1922. However, the third still stands to this day at the intersection of Magnolia and Arlington Avenue. The heat of Riverside suited the navels and by 1882 there were more than a half million of them in California, half of those in Riverside. Yes, they went from three trees to half a million in just eleven years!

Certainly, Riverside is hot, with average highs in the 90’s in July, August, and September, so if you are visiting on business and need Riverside corporate housing you will ideally want a property with a pool so that you can cool off after a hard (hot) day at the office. Fortunately, at Key Housing Connections we have ongoing relationships with the best apartment complexes in the city and so we can help you when you might be struggling to find the right place to stay.

We have built up connections with a large number of property owners over the course of many years finding short term accommodation for people across the whole of the State, and of course Riverside is a sought after location.

If you are an employer and looking for accommodation for staff on a short term contract in the city, you will obviously want to keep costs to a minimum, and Riverside corporate housing is considerably less expensive than putting them up in hotels where restaurant bills can be out of this world. Not only that, staying in a hotel for anything over a few days can become very depressing, so putting your staff into corporate housing will keep them happy (especially if it has a pool) and thus more productive, which is a further benefit.

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