At a San Diego Serviced Apartment Learn To Surf, Amaze Your Friends Back Home

Hail from the Midwest, or the Northeast, and thinking of  moving to a San Diego serviced apartment? Not sure what you’ll do with yourself after the workday is over? Never fear, there’s plenty to do in the San Diego area. One of the biggest attractions of this beautiful city is the miles of premium beachfront it claims ownership of. It’s never too late to try something new and what better way to spend your time then at the beach. There are lots of fun ways to dip your toes in from surfing, to kayaking, and more. And afterwards you can return San Diego serviced apartment to chill.San Diego Serviced Apartment - Surf's Up!

The Beach is Close to Your San Diego Serviced Apartment

Here are a few suggestions for aquatic recreations available around San Diego.


One of the most iconic California pastimes, and fun for all! Head down to any one of the beaches near your San Diego serviced apartments and catch a wave or two! An exhilarating and popular aquatic adventure, there are plenty of intro to surfing classes available for your enjoyment.

Scuba Diving:

San Diego has plenty of beautiful aquatic life, and you have the chance to see it up close and personal! San Diego has everything from rays and eels to a colorful assortment of fish and even the occasional harmless-shark! If that level of immersion  isn’t for you be sure to give snorkeling a shot.

Ocean Kayaking:

A fun way to explore above the ocean instead of beneath it. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and California weather while burning some calories. And if you’re lucky you might see a sea lion or two! Go by yourself or with a group of friends, either way you’re sure to have a blast before heading back to your San Diego Serviced apartment for an outdoor barbecue.

San Diego is Just Plain Fun

We hope this has helped out with some ideas for those who don’t get to spend a lot of time by the ocean. From surfing to scuba diving you’re sure to find a fun aquatic skill to learn while living at a San Diego serviced apartment. There is of course a lot more to explore in San Diego, but whatever you do don’t forget your swim trunks! You can browse all of our San Diego serviced apartment opportunities here.

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