San Jose Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing Announces March Winner Amidst Post on Technology Trends in Silicon Valley

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San Diego, California – March 3, 2019. Key Housing, the leader in finding hard-to-find corporate housing in San Jose and all of Silicon Valley, is proud to make a two-pronged announcement for February and March, 2019.San Jose Corporate Housing The company is simultaneously drawing attention to the difficulties of predicting technology trends amidst the certainty that, as the leader in hard-to-find corporate housing, its choice as NorCal featured complex for March, is a safe bet. The company is announcing that San Jose-based “Bella Villagio” is yet-again winning the best-in-class award for featured NorCal complex for March, 2019.

“Everyone in Silicon Valley is on edge with the roller coaster ride that the tech sector in the stock market has become,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “We’re not predictors of the market, but we know that it impacts the mood and travel budgets of many who come to Silicon Valley on business and look for hard-to-find corporate housing in San Jose. Accordingly, we’re drawing attention to a stable, rock of a complex, Bella Villagio at 383 Vista Roma Way in San Jose, as the winner of our coveted NorCal best-in-class complex for March, 2019.”

Interested persons can review details about Bella Villagio at, while those seeking more in-depth information are pointed to new blog posts on Silicon Valley and San Jose housing issues. Those who want to browse all available short term rentals in San Jose can visit  or reach out to a consultant for a realtime inventory of what’s available to rent.


Here is the background on this release. The company is announcing a post that explains what’s hard-to-predict vs. what’s easy-to-predict. For example, it’s hard to predict whether the tech sector will lead, or lag, the stock market as a whole, and whether the stock market will be up, down, or flat in March, 2019. What’s easy to predict is that San Jose will have a housing shortage, especially among coveted corporate housing units, and that those who are “in the know” will turn to companies that understand that market to find spaces. Indeed, many HR managers in Silicon Valley and San Jose follow Key Housing’s monthly announcements of both SoCal and NorCal featured listings as a bellwether of where to look to find hard-to-find corporate housing. For this reason, the announcement that the Bella Villagio has garnered the prestigious NorCal designation for March, 2019, is an indication of several trends. First, there is the trend that the housing shortage in San Jose remains as acute as ever. Second, there is the trend that the Bella Villagio is almost unique in providing incredible values for corporate travelers, and third, there is the fact that the Bella Villagio remains firm as a rock in dominating this most difficult of California short-term rental markets, the market in and around San Jose.

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