The Leader in Finding Hard-to-Find La Jolla and San Diego Corporate Housing, Key Housing, Announces La Jolla Victory for March, 2019

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La Jolla, California – February 27, 2019. Key Housing, California’s leading source for hard-to-find corporate housing, is proud to announce a “La Jolla” victory for the coveted SoCal featured complex for March, 2019. San Diego Serviced ApartmentEach month, Key Housing – known among the cognoscenti as the best-in-class service to locate hard-to-find corporate housing – chooses a featured listing to highlight “hidden gems” in California’s incredible housing markets. The feature helps busy business travelers “follow the locals” to complexes that offer short term or corporate housing.

“Not every out-of-towner will know that La Jolla is to San Diego, as, well, Brooklyn, is to Manhattan,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “By choosing the Valentia complex as the winner of the coveted SoCal featured complex for March, we are drawing attention to a place for San Diego short term, corporate housing that’s there but isn’t there vis-a-vis nextdoor neighbor San Diego.”

Persons interested in viewing the revised listing page on can visit There, they can read about the location and amenities that propelled a “La Jolla” property to the top of the charts for San Diego corporate housing opportunities for March, 2019. Those who want to browse all San Diego corporate housing opportunities can visit the San Diego page. Folks who want to browse insightful articles on the San Diego short term corporate rental market are also referred to the company’s lively blog.


Here is the background on this release. Many foreign businesspeople come to SoCal (Southern California) not knowing the lingo and insights that the locals have. They might not realize, for instance, that La Jolla is to San Diego as Brooklyn is to Manhattan. It’s just next door, making it convenient, and yet it’s full of trendy restaurants, views, and great things to do. Let’s face it. Many business travelers who are coming to San Diego for business want to visit the amenities of the city such as the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and the SoCal beaches. They might not realize that La Jolla is a great place to be, and that by working with the best-in-class corporate housing consultants at Key Housing, they can find hard-to-find housing in Southern California’s pre-eminent destination. Indeed, the experts at Key Housing can inform them of the opportunity availed to them by La Jolla, which is literally next door to vibrant San Diego.

By identifying a La Jolla “hidden gem” as the winner of the coveted SoCal featured complex award, Key Housing has helped to draw the attention of its readership to that fact that neighboring cities can be a fun workaround to the California housing shortage.


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