Think Ahead for the Best Newport Beach Serviced Apartment Experience

You’ve got options when hunting for a serviced apartment in Newport Beach, California.  The town stretches from the ocean to the hills, so you can pick the best environment that suits you. Morning dip in the ocean? Kayak in the lagoon?  Run in the park? Your choice.  Whatever you pick, you end up back relaxing at your Newport Beach serviced apartment.

What are My Options in Newport Beach?

Here are some tips to think about before making a decision about your Newport Beach serviced apartment:

#1 – Surf or Turf? You can be right on the ocean, the waves lulling you to sleep each night.  If that’s not your thing, then in how about back in the chaparral-covered hills?

#2 – Town or Gown? Do you need convenient access to UC Irvine? Then choose a place nearer to the Corona Del Mar Freeway.  Otherwise you might be better off with a serviced apartment closer to the San Diego Creek, which runs through Newport Beach.

#3 – Quiet or Lively? There are locations with a constant flow of people, and other spots where the roll up the sidewalks after 9:00pm.  Pick a location that suits your temperament.

Newport Beach Serviced Apartments: Why not be Happy?

Before you leave, think about what your needs are for a serviced apartment, and there’s no doubt you can find something that will please you. We recommend Newport

Newport Beach serviced apartments
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Beach serviced apartments by the ocean. Or you can browse all of our Newport Beach serviced apartments.

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