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We understand California is known for perfect weather and incredible beaches. And up or down the coast, you will be wowed by its beauty. But when it comes to the epitome of Southern California living, it’s hard to beat Rancho Mission ViejoMission Viejo CA Key Housing corporate housing units Mission Viejo is between wild canyons and San Juan Capistrano, an established bedroom community in Orange County. The nearest big city is Irvin, which is among America’s largest cities in terms of jobs-to-population ratio ( Plus, it’s only a 26-minute drive on the 405 from Mission Viejo to Irvine.

It’s also noted as one of the best places to live in California, with the cost of living 150% above the national average. For those who can afford the price tag (the average 3-bedroom home hovers around one million dollars), it’s a beautiful area to work and play. If you’ve been assigned to a Mission Viejo, CA, corporate housing unit for business, you’re in luck!

Yes, it’s Business, But Work on Your Bucket List After Hours

It’s Mission Viejo, CA, corporate housing, and a business trip, but there will be some downtime, too. Especially if a VIP is scheduled to spend several weeks in the area. For work, we provide some of the best short-term executive housing in Mission Viejo. The Key Housing site Camden Crown Valley perfectly balances home and work. The property provides Cox high-speed internet a community workspace and accepts online maintenance requests. The site is near Highway 5, which connects to the 405 for that Irvin business commute.

It is obvious Key Housing has your business needs covered, but as we mentioned, there will be plenty of time to explore the region after hours. Visitors consider Mission Viejo the place to check a few things off their bucket list. Here are a few activities only Mission Viejo offers.

Whale watching off Dana Point

This is one of the best places to view grey whales. The Dana Point area is a pit stop for the migrating leviathans who enjoy eating abundant krill and playing with dolphins. The winter and spring months are the busiest, but visitors have been known to see whales cruising the coast throughout the year. You could convince your corporate team to book a private boat safari for a memorable experience.

Here are a few local businesses offering whale watching, ocean fishing, and boat tours: Captain Daves (, Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, Off The Grid Ocean Adventures.

Trek the Niguel Botanical Preserve : If it’s a goal to visit the best Botanical gardens in the United States, Niguel Botanical Preserve has over 2,000 plant species and four miles of walking trails. A lover of plants and flowers can take their time discovering the horticultural vistas.

Open seven days a week from dawn to dusk, there should be enough time between work hours to visit. The preserve is about 20 minutes from Mission Viejo, and parking is free. NBP manages Several gardens, including:  Australian Garden contains some very rare species central to the Mediterranean areas of Australia. The variety of plants includes Grevillea, Brachychiton, Melaleuca, and Acacia.

California Garden, which they call a biodiversity “hot spot,” contains more plant species than any other state in the U.S. (around 5,500 species)!
Chilean Garden hosts flowering trees, bushes, and succulents native to the region of Chile. Summer is a terrific time to visit this garden since Chilean flowers tend to bloom the most this time of year.

Victorian Pirate Tower:  It wasn’t built by pirates but for a man passionate about pirate lore. We won’t give away too much; you must check the website for the entire history. The tower has been a spot for past memorable pirate “treasure hunting” events. It’s remained a place to visit, spark the imagination, and search for lost treasure. Photographers frequently visit the tower to take wedding engagement photos with Laguna sunsets in the background. The building is locked, but people walk the side stairs and visit the tidepools nearby. Be sure to arrive at low tide for the best experience.

One great thing about staying at a Mission Viejo corporate furnished apartment is the access to a full kitchen. The units have pans, dishware, and utensils, but VIPs must supply the food.  We suggest Sunday grocery shopping at the Ladera Ranch Farmers Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fresh eggs, local-baked breads and pastries fruits, vegetables, are abundant. There are even locally-grown flowers to brighten the kitchen table.

If you are interested in going to a traditional grocery store, plenty of noticeable sites are nearby, but Mission Viejo is also home to the Crown Valley International Market This local-run specialty grocery store is filled with unique food items, including the Bahar Bakery, which has been making cakes, cookies, and other delectable from scratch for over twenty years.


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