Anaheim Serviced Apartments Are the Happiest in the World!

Are Anaheim serviced apartments truly the happiest in the world? How could they not be–Disneyland is right there! The joy just oozes out into the surrounding neighborhoods. You’re bound to see lots of excited kids heading towards their dream destination, Disneyland, and unless you’re an irredeemable old GrinchAnaheim serviced apartments that’s bound to rub off and improve your mood.

Anaheim serviced apartments: American Dream Town

Anaheim serviced apartments are smack in the middle what is statically the American Dream personified. Tract housing was constructed en masse around the newly-built Disneyland, so every house from that era has a green lawn in front, backyard with swing-set, a driveway leading to a two-car garage. The weather of course is great, lots of sun naturally (it was all orange groves before becoming urban). Marine-layer clouds sometimes reach here, but that’s why hoodies were invented (you can buy they everywhere). Not to worry, the clouds will probably be gone by lunchtime. And then your Anaheim serviced apartments will be back in the sunshine once more.

No Worries, Hakuna Mata – Anaheim Apartment Rentals

The watchword at Anaheim serviced apartments is “no worries.” Your time here, whether summer or winter (at least that pleasantly cool time that passes for the winter season here) is bound to become a lovely memory of sunny days and walking around in flip-flops. Be sure to point out that’s what you’re wearing when you’re calling your family back in a snow-bound city in the Midwest or on the East Coast. And don’t forget to visit Disneyland while you’re here!

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