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Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? Are you a fan of the Beach Boys? Whatever your reason for visiting Pasadena, if it’s for any length of time you will need somewhere to stay. Corporate housing in Pasadena.If it’s only for a week in order to see where the Little Old Lady Of Pasadena used to drive her Dodge, then you might want to stay in one of the hotels.

However, if you are a visiting professor who is lecturing at CalTech or one of the other great universities nearby, you may be staying for several weeks or even months, in which case you won’t want to live in a hotel. After a week or two, hotels become very “samey” (if that’s a word) because the restaurant menu is the same every week, you see the same barman in the bar, and you live in a small bedroom because all hotels have small bedrooms. They obviously want to pack in as many guests as they can, so unless you have unlimited $$$ and can afford a suite, you are going to be living in a small bedroom.

Many Apartments And Homes Are Serviced

No, what you need to look at are Pasadena furnished rentals. These are real apartments or homes and have living quarters, a fitted kitchen, bedrooms (often with a king-sized bed), shower room/bathroom, and many have access to pools, gyms, and so on. Many are also serviced, so you don’t need to worry about making the beds or cleaning or anything like that. From that point of view, they are like a hotel. All the grunt work is done for you leaving you to come and go as you please.

With our Pasadena furnished rentals you also spend a lot less than living in a hotel where everything is so expensive. After all, you have to pay for meals in the restaurant or go out to a restaurant, which is just as expensive, and then everything else is extra. You want your laundry done? Certainly. But at what cost? In one of our Pasadena furnished rentals you have a washing machine/dryer fitted as standard, so your laundry just costs you the price of the soap powder.

You want to relax with a glass or three of wine after dinner? Just buy a bottle at the nearest liquor store: don’t pay hotel bar prices. And don’t sit in a cramped hotel room watching TV, when you can be relaxing on a lovely leather sofa.

Yes, a hotel is OK for a quick visit for a week or so, but not if you are staying for any length of time. You need somewhere to call your own, and at Key Housing we can help with that.

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