Finding a Serviced Apartment San Francisco is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

If you are from Europe and looking for a serviced apartment San Francisco on your own, then good luck with that! It’s a fact that San Francisco has the tightest housing market of any city in the United States – and that includes New York City!San Francisco Corporate Housing

Fortunately, the experts at Key Housing Connections know the ins and outs of San Francisco properties like the backs of their hands. We have the right contacts and we can provide you with a serviced apartment San Francisco that will suit you to a “t”.

If you have been sent to the city, or are about to be sent to it, by your company and you are going to be here for several weeks or months there are plenty of reasons to use a serviced apartment rather than a hotel. To begin with, you’ll get much more space in an apartment than you would in a hotel which typically provides what is really an over-sized bedroom with a mini bar and a bathroom.

Kitchen With Full Sized Appliances

With a serviced apartment you get a kitchen with full sized appliances – refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, whereas with a hotel you might sometimes get a microwave and a mini fridge. You also often get a full-sized dining table with an apartment where you can spread out your papers and work, while in a hotel you’ll usually have to make do with a small side table. There may be a charge for Wi-Fi at a hotel when it is included in a serviced apartment, and you can pay anything up to $50 a day for car parking in San Francisco hotels but with an apartment it’s usually included.


There is also space for entertaining in an apartment, while it’s usually impossible in a hotel bedroom. Also, most apartments are pet friendly while they are usually not permitted in hotels. Then there’s the cost of food: in a hotel you have the choice of the hotel restaurant or eating out at another restaurant. You will save a small fortune by self-catering.

In addition, most hotels are in the downtown area or near the airport or off highways, where apartments can be near shopping and entertainment areas or just down the street from your office.

So you can see that there are a lot of advantages in using a serviced apartment San Francisco as opposed to staying in a hotel for weeks or months on end. Give us a call on (800) 989-0410 and let us find you the perfect accommodation for your visit.


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