Modesto Serviced Apartments: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

I humbly submit to you that Modesto serviced apartments will do quite nicely for your short-term housing needs. “Modesto” in Spanish means “modest”, so that was a little punny… But the origin of the name is actually grounded in real modesty. At its founding in 1870, the town was to be named “Ralston” after financier William C. Ralston. But Ralston thought it was a little too much to name a town for him, and that prompted him to ask that another name be found, and the town was named Modesto in recognition of his modesty. Contemplate this while you relax in your Modesto serviced apartment: can you think of anyone who would behave like that today?

Modesto Serviced Apartments: American to the Core

It is not widely appreciated that the town of Modesto has been immortalized in film. Before he Modesto Serviced Apartments created the space opera juggernaut “Star Wars”, filmmaker George Lucas, who was born in Modesto, and went to school here all the way through graduation from Modesto Junior College, immortalized the city in his award-winning 1973 film American Graffiti. Although it was not actually shot in Modesto, the film portrayed the spirit of cruising and friendship on Modesto’s 10th and 11th Streets in 1962, and inspired a revival of interest in 1950s pop culture, including the TV show Happy Days and its spin-offs. The view from your Modesto serviced apartment is actually a view onto American-as-apple-pie history.

A Toast To Modesto Serviced Apartments!

Aside from visiting Modesto as an homage to Mr. Lucas, what might bring you to seek out Modesto serviced apartments? The other home-town boys that made good were the Gallo Brothers. Goes without saying (modesty again!) that most grocery stores you walk into on the West Coast will have some jugs of Gallo wine. In fact, most business in Modesto has to do directly or indirectly with agriculture, food and wine. Which is entirely logical given the location in California’s fertile Central Valley. So you can count on some good meals at your Modesto serviced apartment with all the fresh produce in the region, and of course a decent glass of wine to go with.

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