Foster City Serviced Apartments Near The Big City in The Bay Area

When Foster City was constructed (quite literally: the entire city was built on engineered/reclaimed land sticking out into San Francisco Bay), the developers were either extremely prescient or extremely lucky, as the city now sits equidistant between San Francisco proper and Silicon Valley, as well as being astride a bridge to the East Bay. If real estate is all about location, then your future Foster City serviced apartment is about as good as it gets. Anywhere you need to in the Bay Area is just short hop away.

And as much as you will come to love your Foster City serviced apartment, there will be times Foster City Serviced Apartmentswhen you need to get away. Escaping from the city is pretty trivial as well. Avoid all the major freeways by taking a route south by southwest, which will lead you through the hills and out to Half-Moon Bay. From there the whole coast to the south is wide open, the redwood parks and the wild outer-coast beaches, with all their marine mammals: seals, sea lions and elephant seals.

Foster City Serviced Apartments: Sleep Easy

As a newcomer arriving at your new Foster City serviced apartment in a new city, a typical question is about how ‘safe’ the neighborhood is. With Foster City, this is best explained with an anecdote: A while back some middle-school students went on a vandalism spree. They called them the ‘mousepack’ (for real!). It was actually a quite a while back: This happened in 1973, and it is still pretty much the biggest police-blotter item over 40 years later. Squeaky clean indeed. This should convince you that residents of Foster City serviced apartments can sleep easy, tonight and every night.

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