Pasadena Serviced Apartments Are Perfect for Parrot Sightings

California has the reputation of being laid-back, but times change. Governor Jerry Brown used to be “Gov. Moonbeam,” but in his second tour of office he has become a more of a stern patriarch lately.  In Los Angeles fewer meetings are conducted in hot tubs, the wheeling and dealing is done at faster pace. Pasadena serviced apartments bring you back to an older version of the region, a little softer, a little greener. One of the greenest spots in the city if the massive botanical and artistic smorgasbord that it the Huntington Gardens. European art and sculpture set in a series Pasadena Serviced Apartmentsof themed gardens. A bit eccentric, but that’s Pasadena way. Proof that Pasadena is the portion of LA most resembling the Garden of Eden: There are five species of naturalized parrots that live in the city. They could fly off anywhere, but the stick around, and chances are they’ll come by your Pasadena serviced apartment looking for handouts.

Pasadena Serviced Apartments: Front Row for the Rose Bowl

The first thing to consider in looking for Pasadena serviced apartments is whether they are close to the route of the Rose Bowl parade. Ideally you would get a unit with a window overlooking the parade route. It’s a spectacle not to be missed; seeing it on television is just not the same thing. If you’re a football fan, the other big benefit of having a Pasadena serviced apartment is that you would be close to the Rose Bowl. Whatever teams are playing, you are pretty much guaranteed great weather for watching the game.

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