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If business in Europe requires you to stay in Orange County, CA, for any length of time, then Irvine is now a great place in which to stay. Cupertino Corporate HousingDeveloped only in the very late 1960’s, Irvine has grown rapidly in the last few years. For example, in 2010 the population was 212,375. Just six years later, in 2016, it had grown to 258,386, so Irvine is definitely an up and coming city in Southern California.

Several corporations today have their headquarters in Irvine and many of those are in the semiconductor or technology sector. The biggest local employer in the city is The University of California, Irvine, which has no less than – wait for it – 15,750 employees! Also based here are the Orange County Center of the USC (University of Southern California), Irvine Valley College, and Concordia University, together with campuses of Pepperdine University, University of La Verne, and California State University Fullerton. You could say that Irvine today is a rather important place of learning.

You Need Somewhere To Live

Whether you are coming to Irvine in order to teach at one of the great universities on a temporary basis, or to work for a time in the technology or semiconductor sector, you will need somewhere to live, and your best option is one of our Irvine serviced apartments.

Let’s be honest: if you are a professor or other tutor at one of the universities on a short term project the last thing you need is to have to go back to your apartment at the weekend and start cleaning it. You need some time to yourself and to relax. (The same thing applies even if you’re not a tutor, but rather working in an office five days a week).

Sure, you could get time to yourself in a hotel, but it’s just so expensive to live in a hotel in the 21st century, and after a couple of weeks it becomes rather boring. There’s nowhere to go after dinner but back to your room, whereas one of our Irvine serviced apartments becomes your own “space”. It’s like a home from home. After a week or two you will get to know your neighbors, whereas in a hotel you don’t really have any neighbors because they change from week to week.

At Key Housing Connections we have been providing Irvine serviced apartments for people who are visiting the town for a few weeks, or even months, for a good many years now, and we have a great list of reputable clients who want to rent their properties on a short term basis to equally reputable visitors. Call us on 800-989-0410 to discuss your needs and let us find you the perfect short term accommodation in Irvine.

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