Key Housing Announces Featured San Jose Serviced Apartment for May

San Jose, CA – April 26, 2017. Key Housing, a leading corporate rental service helping renters find short terms rentals in cities as diverse as San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles, is proud to announce an innovative featured property for May, focusing on ‘serviced apartments’ in the San Jose area.San Jose Serviced Apartment‘ Europeans often use this terminology when searching for what Americans call ‘furnished apartments.’ In this way, Key Housing is showing its leadership by being culturally and linguistically aware via-a-vis Europeans who are trying to find short term housing in the Bay Area’s very tight corporate rental marketplace.

“Many Europeans come to the Bay Area, especially San Jose, for both business and pleasure on a short term basis. By focusing this month’s featured Northern California listing on ‘serviced apartments,’ we hope to help Europeans find what they need ” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “The featured property is Alamaden Lake Village, which is really a flagship for serviced apartments in San Jose and nearby Silicon Valley Communities.”

Interested parties can find the featured serviced apartment property online at the website.  It should be noted that Almaden Lake Village is a sophisticated lakeside community offering gracious apartment home living within a tranquil, serene setting. The property’s one, two and three bedroom apartment homes have been designed with rich appointments and modern conveniences such as marble vanities, tiled entryways and washers and dryers. Renters enjoy the natural beauty of this community situated on the shores of Lake Almaden, yet just a short drive to any office in Silicon Valley. “It’s no wonder that this property was selected as the featured listing for May in San Jose,” concluded Lee.

San Jose Serviced Apartments: Furnished Apartments for Europeans

Linguistics is a funny science. What Americans call the ‘trunk’ of a car, British people call a ‘bonnet,’ and so on and so forth. Linguistic phrases can merely describe reality, but in today’s Internet age can be an impediment to success. A British person or European citizen, for example, who is searching for a short term corporate rental in San Jose, California, might Google ‘serviced apartments’ without realizing that properties and rental agencies will list them under ‘furnished apartments’ or ‘short term’ rentals. By identifying Almaden Lake Village as the featured property, Key Housing has issued a major outreach to Europeans so that they can not only identify serviced apartments in San Jose and Silicon Valley but also work with one of the best rental agencies in California to secure hard-to-find corporate housing on a short term basis. Persons interested in learning more about serviced apartment availability across California are urged to visit the company’s blog and for San Jose .

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