Irvine Is A Key Technology Center, So If You Need Serviced Apartments In Irvine We Can Help

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The city of Irvine has had a rapid growth of population. The Irvine Company began to develop the area in the 1960’s and the city was only formally incorporated on December 28th 1971. Serviced apartments in Irvine.Today, the population is over a quarter of a million! How’s that for rapid expansion in less than 50 years?

But here’s a secret few folks know: Orange County – and Irvine in particular – are KEY technology centers. Sure, Silicon Valley, which is nearly six hours drive away, gets all the press, but if you are in the tech field you may well get assigned north and be looking for serviced apartments in Irvine. It’s just as well for you that we have them.

In the last 50 years there has been a rapid development of housing, and as can happen, some of the present residents have been left properties in the wills of their parents and other relatives which they have no need to live in themselves. Therefore, they have decided to rent them out for profit (there is nothing wrong with that, of course: indeed it makes perfect sense) so they are happy to let them out as a short term serviced apartments in Irvine.

It Dovetails Very Nicely in Irvine

This happens to dovetail very nicely with the fact that Irvine has become a major player in the tech stakes and as a result sees a regular influx of people who are visiting on a short term contract from other parts of the US – and indeed from the rest of the world – and who are seeking accommodation for a few weeks or several months.

If you should happen to be one of those people then you and we are a very good fit. At Key Housing Connections our specialty is providing serviced apartments in Irvine – and not just in Irvine but throughout the whole of the State. In the last few years we have built up a thriving portfolio of Irvine property owners who are keen to let out their apartments on a short term basis to visitors to the city.

What this means for you is that we have a great choice of apartments that you can rent for as little as a couple of weeks, or for as long as you need to. Serviced apartments provide the very best of both worlds because you can come and go as you please, it is almost like living at home (in some cases better!), and yet you don’t have to take care of the cleaning and all the humdrum jobs that you would otherwise because all that is done for you.

In short, if your company is posting you to Irvine on a temporary assignment, a serviced apartment is the way to go. Call us to let us know your requirements.

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