Key Housing Announces New Posts about How to Find a San Diego Serviced Apartment for the Short Term on a Long Term Budget

Finding short term rentals in San Diego is difficult.

San Diego, California – January 25, 2018. Key Housing, the leading California provider of short-term, furnished apartments, is proud to announce new posts offering tips for finding a budget-friendly alternative to resort hotels.

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International guests seeking to fulfill the desire for a California vacation may not want to stay at a pricey resort hotel by the water. To this end, the new posts explain that a San Diego serviced apartment, or extended stay furnished apartment, could provide a luxury vacation atmosphere at short-term stay rates.

“San Diego is a popular destination, but resort hotels for families can destroy a budget within a week. Europeans can get up to four weeks off for vacation, so imagine the cost,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “That’s why our new blog posts offer tips for how to live in hotel luxury at serviced apartment prices in San Diego and throughout SoCal.”

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In addition, Key Housing is announcing their featured “serviced apartment” for San Diego for February to be the “AVA at Pacific Beach,” which is an excellent example of “serviced apartments” in SoCal. To read more details about AVA in San Diego, please visit our website. There, interested persons can review San Diego serviced apartments  and find smart insights for a budget-friendly long-term holiday stays. It should be noticed that “furnished apartments” and “serviced apartments” have the same meaning.


Here is background on this release. Holiday destinations can create images in the minds of vacationers travelling abroad. Swanky hotel décor, on-site pools and luxury rooms could be part of the dream for a European on holiday. Planning for a family trip to California can require living within a budget, however. European travelers can have up to a month of time off to spend. One week alone in a resort hotel with only a mini-bar to curb appetites can deplete vacation savings quickly. Finding accommodations offering luxury-type accommodations and a beachside flair can be difficult. Instead of settling for a small two-star hotel, or diminishing funds on a five star resort, another option can be found for Europeans on holiday.

For this reason, Key Housing has announced new blog posts for persons travelling on vacation from overseas as well as business travelers. Cost-effective assets can include a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen and two bedroom options for families. AVA, a San Diego serviced apartment has been recognized as a February featured property, by the service offers similar amenities. Resort living on a family vacation budget can thus be found in San Diego.


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