Serviced Apartments Or Furnished Rentals? They’re Much The Same Thing

If you are from Europe you may well be looking for serviced apartments in Redwood City, California. Over here, we call them furnished rentals which might confuse you, but in fact they are the same thing.

Redwood City Furnished ApartmentIf you are planning to stay in Redwood City for any length of time Key Housing can help you find a serviced apartment that suits you.

Whether you are on business, which many of our visitors are, or staying for pleasure, a serviced apartment is a much better choice than staying in a hotel for many months. Apart from any other considerations, you will most definitely save money by using serviced apartments in Redwood City, California. The problem with long-term stays in hotels is all of the little extra charges which crop up on top of the room itself. It also goes without saying that there is a huge cost difference between cooking your own meals and having them cooked for you by the hotel staff. The same thing applies to buying a bottle of wine to go with your meal or having a few drinks in the hotel bar.

A Home Of Your Own in Redwood City: A Serviced Apartment

It is also just so much nicer to come home after a hard day at the office to a place that you can call your own. You can get to know the neighbors (or as you spell it, neighbours), do your own shopping in the local supermarket, and just chill out and watch TV in your “own” home.

Redwood City is a vibrant city of a mixture of different peoples and has an ideal climate. Indeed, the city’s motto is “Climate Best By Government Test” and refers to a climatological survey undertaken by the US and German governments before World War One. The area centered on Redwood tied with the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa and The Canary Islands for the world’s best climate. The average rainfall is only just over 20” and the average temperature throughout the year is 70.58ºF.

Parks in Redwood City

If you are bringing your dog with you, it will be good to know that Redwood has no less than 24 parks ranging from the tiny Jardin de Ninos at 1/3 of an acre to Stulsaft Park at 42 acres. The area is of course known for its redwood trees which date back 20 million years and are the tallest living things on the planet, growing to over 300 feet. Officially, the oldest coast redwood here is 2,200 years old, but there are foresters who believe that some of these trees could be much older. If you love the great outdoors, you will love living in Redwood City.

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