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Richmond is part of the San Francisco Bay Area and has a major oil refinery operated by Chevron Corporation. The refinery often released gases and had many chemical leaks in the 1990’s which resulted in the closure of beaches. Corporate housing with Bay views in Richmond, CAThere was also a fire on August 6th, 2012, which was followed by 15,000 residents seeking medical treatment. Fortunately, today, things are very much better. In fact, rainbow trout have recently returned to the waters along the refinery shoreline.

However, if you hear an emergency warning siren (there are 17 in the city) check your watch. If it is the first Wednesday of the month at 11.00 am, it is merely a test!

Richmond is also a center of shipbuilding, and the Port of Richmond handles the third largest tonnage of shipping in California every year. There are no less than 18 terminals and 5 dry docks, and the port is served by a rail network operated by four of the major rail companies.

Richmond is home to many species of animals, including deer, falcons, raccoons, ducks, foxes, owls, and mountain lions in Wildcat Canyon. Canada geese visit on their annual migration, many pigeons and gulls live in the city, and there are harbor seals on the rocks.

The climate is mild Mediterranean all year round, which is great, although the highest temperature recorded on one September day has been 42°C. The average low never goes below 7°C in December.

Richmond Corporate Housing

If you are assigned to Richmond on business for any length of time, then you will need Richmond, CA, corporate housing with which we can help you at Key Housing Connections. You could also live in Richmond if you are working in San Francisco, because there is a ferry service running from the Craneway Pavilion in Marina Bay to San Francisco Ferry Building. It runs seven days a week, and the crossing is only 35 minutes.

The city also has an abundance of parks, with Wildcat Canyon the largest at 10km². Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is the largest off-leash dog park in the United States.

If you need Richmond, CA, corporate housing, we have a choice of premises from which you can select. If you are on your own or visiting with your partner, you will only need a one-bed apartment, but larger accommodation is necessary if you are going to be in Richmond for many months, or even a year or two, and have to bring your family. Many of the homes in our Richmond, CA corporate housing are dog-friendly, and also have off-street parking.

So, if you are coming to Richmond and are looking for corporate housing, call us to discuss your requirements.

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