Anaheim Serviced Apartments: Never Far From Disneyland, But Try Hockey or Baseball Too

Anaheim is the city that doesn’t know when to stop. I’m not talking about the wild night-life, but that might be true too. No, it’s the city boundaries that I referring too. The Los Angeles metro area is famous for the huge number of tiny little municipalities, all bunched together, hemming each-other in. Driving on the freeway, blink and you’ll miss one! Not Anaheim, at Anaheim serviced apartmentsleast not if you are going East-West: It stretches on and on or about 15 miles. It’s like the city limit burst, and flooded down from the Anaheim hills. I guess the upside here is that there’s more room for Anaheim serviced apartments.

The Town That Disney Built

You can’t talk about Anaheim without talking about Disney. The city is home to the Disneyland Resort, a massive, colorful complex of family-friendly, Disney-themed rides, restaurants, hotels and shops. The history of the city post-citrus is inextricably tied with that development, for better or worse. Ask any actor who has been type-cast into a single character role, it’s a mixed blessing. But it does bring a lot of business to the city, which means that Anaheim serviced apartments have sprung up all around to cater to those needing long-term residency.

Anaheim serviced apartments: Explore the Other Anaheim

As great as Disneyland is, no place wants to be known for just one attraction. Staying in an Anaheim serviced apartments, you will have the leisure to explore the ‘other’ Anaheim. For instance, I would bet you did not know that the city is also a sports haven. The Honda Center is the indoor arena where the Anaheim Ducks hockey team plays. Win or lose, the locals show up to root for the home team. Additionally, there is Angel Stadium is the home field of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Skip the Dodgers: You can discover how much fun it is to watch good baseball and pay less than an arm and a leg for tickets.

As a dense urban center, there are likely many chances to find the right kind of Anaheim serviced apartments that suits you. But don’t assume finding the perfect location will just be a walk in the park, as the demand for housing, here as in the rest of the Los Angeles area, is high. Partner with Key Housing to increase your odds, and shorten your search.

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