Riverside Furnished Apartments: Everything Started with Oranges, but the City Now Has a Diverse Economy

California used to be all about the future; remember, it was so bright you’d have to wear shades? But slowly has come to embrace its past as well. Riverside furnished apartments are a fine place to do some historical navel gazing, by which I mean looking for the story of Riverside’s origins, which involves citrus, and specifically the navel orange. The Riverside furnished apartmentscity got its start over 100 years ago with the citrus orchards being planted for endless miles upon miles. This is the basis for the current vibrant economy seen in Riverside, but now the orange groves are long gone, no trace remains except in museums and photo archives.

Riverside Furnished Apartments No Longer in the Citrus Fields

If you had come here in the 1970’s or 1980’s looking for Riverside furnished apartments, you likely would not have had much luck. The citrus orchards were no longer being productively farmed, but no one had bothered to reclaim the land for other purposes yet. But then in a piecemeal process, orchard tracts were sold, the trees bulldozed, and the typical Californian stucco and tile apartment complexes constructed.

Then malls were built as the population density increased, which attracted more land developers, building in part the very Riverside furnished apartments that you may now be seeking. Necessarily, more orchards were removed. In the end, every single tree was removed. It probably only rated a paragraph in the local paper. It was history and Riverside was looking to the future. As for oranges, you can still get them–at the supermarket.

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