Burlingame Serviced Apartment Would Be a Major Win If You Can Get One

The Burlingame serviced apartment that you might casually rent emerges a twist of fate that might surprise. The saying goes “It’s an ill wind that blows no good.” The famous San Francisco earthquake of 1906 provides a good example of this with respect to the town of Burlingame. Burlingame serviced apartmentBefore the quake, the town was more of a notion that an actual fact. Lots were laid out, but few houses were built on them. Too far from the “City” (San Francisco, that is). After the quake, San Francisco was a disaster zone, and people looking to start fresh fled out to the suburbs. Now the lack of prior development was a plus. Since nothing was there, nothing fell down. A new home could be established, and a fresh start made. Now you can connect the dots, one hundred years forward, to the Burlingame serviced apartment available to rent in one of the most desirable locations in the Bay Area.

Burlingame Serviced Apartment: Shady and Quiet

One fact that makes Burlingame serviced apartments so sought-after is that it is known as the “City of Trees.” It is a cool green respite on a hot day. The number of trees within the fairly tight city borders tops 18,000 public trees (and there are more on private property). This was all part of the long-term plan. In 1908, the Burlingame board of trustees even passed an ordinance “prohibiting cutting, injuring, or destroying trees.” This was before the environmental movement––they were looking out for quality-of-life for residents.

Another quality-of-life enhancement which Burlingame is note for: they enacted one of the first comprehensive ordinances restricting noise pollution. One example of this is that Burlingame has sound barriers along many of its residential neighborhoods bordering Highway 101. So you should be able to get a good night’s rest in your Burlingame serviced apartment.

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