Carlsbad Furnished Apartments: It’s a Two-fer, with Oceanside Next Door

If have been a regular Boy Scout these past few years (brave, thrifty, kind, helping old ladies across the street, and said your prayers every night, and additionally have been very good in you past lives (this is California, karma counts) you might get a corporate assignment that lands you in a Carlsbad furnished apartment. It it a veritable heaven on earth. The wonderful climate of San Diego but without the tourist buses and their attendant diesel fumes. Named after the German resort town because the “waters” here resembled those of the Old World spa (they were tested, this is scientific!) the town began as a spa, and grew to a full-fledged resort that it is today. If business brings you here, and you are seeking a Carlsbad furnished apartment, consider that a stroke of luck.

Carlsbad Furnished Apartments (not Oceanside Furnished Apartments)

You will be staying in Carlsbad furnished apartments (note the “Carlsbad” portion of the name) Carlsbad furnished apartmentsbecause the there was a bit of unpleasantness some years back. The city of Oceanside was growing faster, and set their sights on the spa town, which hadn’t bothered to become a legally incorporated city, to expand their tax base. “No you don’t” said Carlsbad. “Yes we will” said Oceanside. It never came to gunplay, but the lawyerly briefs flew fast and thick. In the end, Carlsbad became a city on it’s own, and all that in is in the past, and you will be staying in a specifically Carlsbad furnished apartment.

Carlsbad furnished apartments: Only the Good Die Young

So ensconced in your Carlsbad furnished apartment, life is good what could possibly go wrong? Don’t worry too much about this but Camp Pendleton is nearby, and that’s where the Army is training artillery gunners, and there is a learning curve on that skill, so it’s possible that an errant shell could take you out without warning… But at least you’d die happy in your Carlsbad furnished apartment!

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