If You are Working in Silicon Valley, Furnished Apartments in Union City are Ideal

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Silicon Valley is the world center of high tech, and many people come here from all over the world on short term postings of a few weeks or a few months in order either to learn about the latest technology or contribute to it because they have some expertise that is welcomed. Furnished apartments in Union City CA, not far from 'Silicon Valley' CaliforniaLet’s face it, technology is developing at an incredible, some would say alarming, rate. Who would have thought, even ten years ago, that you could have Alexa and tell her to turn on the heating before you got home and do all of the other thousand and one things she can do?

If you are one of the many tech experts being posted here on a short-term basis the one thing that Alexa can’t do is find you a comfortable place to stay. Sure, she can suggest some hotels, but do you really want to stay in a hotel room for three months or more? Wouldn’t you rather stay in a comfortable furnished apartment where you can come and go as you please, invite people round for a meal or just a couple of drinks, and generally live as you would at home?

At Key Housing connections we have some great Union City furnished apartments that will provide you with the sort of life you would like to live while you are here.

She Doesn’t Know!

Of course, now you want to know why Alexa can’t find them for you and tell you where they are, and the reason is simple: she doesn’t know! Clever she may be, but she doesn’t have access to all the Union City furnished apartments that we do because nobody else knows about them.

The reason for that is that we have been in the business of providing visitors to Silicon Valley with furnished apartments for very many years and we have built up a lot of contacts. That is why we are called Key Housing CONNECTIONS, because we have exactly that – connections. We have a long list of landlords who want to rent their premises out on a short-term basis who have come to trust us to keep their apartments and homes occupied and thus keep the rent coming in. So they don’t advertise them anywhere because they don’t need to, and that’s why Alexa doesn’t know about them. They slip below the radar, because only we have them listed. (And we’re not telling Alexa!!).

If You Need Union City Apartments

Seriously, if you need Union City furnished apartments, talk to us. We have some awesome furnished apartments available for short-term rental that you will never find anywhere else.

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