Top Service for San Jose Furnished Rentals, Key Housing Announces Bella Villagio Complex Garners February Featured Slot as Dog-friendly Hotel

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San Jose, California – January 25, 2018. Key Housing, the leading short term and corporate rental provider in San Jose and other cities in Northern California, is proud to announce its featured property for February, 2018. Among the winning attributes for February is something unique: dog-friendly status. It should be noted that this is Bella Villagio’s second time achieving the coveted “feaSan Jose Corporate Housingtured property” status.

“For some people who have to travel for business, leaving a dog behind may not be an option. Studies show that pets can help relieve stress for people too, so it may be better to bring a dear pet along,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “It’s tough to find a long-term stay place as exceptional as Bella Villagio that accepts pets. This is why we choose to feature it once again for February, 2018.”

Bella Villagio, a San Jose furnished rental community has been awarded as an exceptional San Jose furnished apartment and as a property offering a pet policy. Persons searching for corporate housing or extended-stay apartment units in San Jose, California, including a pet policy can go to the following link to learn more at

Those who would like to review more about finding the best corporate housing in Silicon Valley, should visit the lively blog. Details of the original selection regarding Bella Villagio, an extended-stay community in San Jose can be found at


Here is background on this release. Persons planning a long-term stay may not be aware that only a few San Jose furnished rentals include a pet-friendly animal policy. Corporate employees or visitors searching for serviced apartments in Silicon Valley may be concerned about leaving pets behind. A pet policy could help Silicon Valley visitors lower stress levels by bringing a pet on the visit.

Visitors to San Jose may consider pets family members. If a corporate employee is expected to work in the Bay Area for a long-term stay, a board and care back home might not be an option. Securing San Jose furnished rentals for an employee can be a difficult task for a company. Certain amenities may be required such as a clubhouse for informal meetings and WiFi throughout the complex. If the visiting employee does not wish to leave a pet behind, it could become impossible to find a clean and cozy San Jose furnished rental. Pets may be well-behaved yet, a corporate rental might not allow dogs for extended stay situations. Finding a clean San Jose furnished rental offering business amenities and a pet policy may be a challenge.

Managers seeking corporate housing for visiting VIP’s may struggle to find San Jose furnished rentals offering the proper amenities. If a visiting employee refuses to leave a small dog back home, the task can be twice as difficult.

For these reasons, Key Housing has recognized Bella Villagio in San Jose as a featured property for a second time. A pet policy combined with professional accommodations could be the answer to housing a visiting employee. Small well-behaved dogs can stay in units offering breezy patio areas. After hours, owners can take pets to nearby parks and walking trails. If a long-term corporate visit requires a dog policy, San Jose furnished rentals at Bella Villagio could make the stay twice as nice.


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