Furnished Apartments and Short Term Options: a Sacramento Story

Accommodation in Sacramento, no matter how long you need to stay.

We’re focusing a bit on this month’s blog posts on our State Capital, Sacramento, California.

Many corporate travelers come to visit Sacramento, and of course they don’t have room in their carry-on luggage to bring chairs, tables, desks, and all sorts of linens for their beds. To make matters a little more complicated, they also are pretty sick and tired of your generic run of the mill hotels, and they want that sort of home away from home feeling.

Furnished Apartments are a Great Option in Sacramento

This is where a furnished apartment can really be a great option. So let’s imagine that you’re coming to Sacramento California, for a short period of time. This might be in order to do some

Furnished Apartments for Rent, Sacramento, CA
Furnished Apartments for Rent, Sacramento, CA

political lobbying, because after all Sacramento is the capital of California, or it might be for a business purpose. Sacramento, is a pretty big city after all, and it has its share of all sorts of businesses.

But whatever your reason for coming to Sacramento, the idea of sticking it out in a tiny hotel room with the generic furniture that they provide isn’t necessarily appealing. Looking for a furnished apartment is a great solution, and we have many wonderful options for furnished apartments.

You Might Not Want to Leave Your Apartment

In fact, many people are so satisfied with the furnished apartments when they come to Sacramento, that they don’t want to leave! The reason is that often the furnished apartment for rent in Sacramento is better furnished than their own home or apartment in their home city, and they have sort of the luxury of hotel, style living.

So before you start packing your bedroom set, couch, dresser, desk, desk chair, TV, coffee pot, and all those other wonderful things… Remember to look for a furnished apartment. Even in a city as big as Sacramento, you can find really great furnished apartments that are near to the business you are visiting, or even the state capitol! And stop trying to stuff that dresser into your carry-on luggage: it won’t fit.

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