Looking for Furnished Apartments In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a VERY busy city and finding a furnished apartment to rent when you are posted to a temporary job in the city can be extremely tiring and tedious. We have Los Angeles furnished apartments to rent.Not only that, you would have to be very lucky to find Los Angeles furnished apartments that are where you want to be in the city and with the facilities that you would prefer. It’s almost certain that you would have to settle for “second best” if you go out looking on your own.

This is why you are so much better off coming to us for Los Angeles furnished apartments because we have them on our books already. Many property owners come to us to rent out their furnished apartments because they know that we have a constant stream of people wishing to rent. Equally, people wishing to rent come to us because they know that we have many properties on our books. So it’s a win-win situation. Everyone is happy.

Many Different Types Of Property

We have many different types of property, too. Everything from a one bed apartment to a three or four bed family home is available – some of the homes having lovely yards with manicured lawns and your own swimming pool. Serviced apartments may provide what you need and can include a range of services such as housekeeping and yard maintenance. Many have a full-sized kitchen, utility room, and larger living and sleeping rooms than the average hotel. Some have access to gyms, restaurants, meeting spaces, concierges, and their own car parking facilities. You get more space, convenience, and home-like privacy, and you can enjoy living like a local even though you are not one.

Where would you like to stay? Santa Monica, Malibu, Long Beach – all down by the water? Maybe the Fullerton/ Anaheim area? Or up in the Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena area? Tell us what you need in the way of Los Angeles furnished apartments and we will let you know what we have available to let. If we don’t have what you need, we will go out and look for you because our team is familiar with Los Angeles and we know WHERE to look. This is why you are so much better using our services because we have been in this business for nearly 30 years and we have plenty of contacts. It’s why we are called Key Housing Connections.

So give us a call, toll free, on (800) 989-0410 and let us know what you want.

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