It Can Be Hard To Find A Furnished Apartment In Sacramento

The capital city of California is Sacramento and if you are looking to work in the city for some months it can be tricky to find the right sort of Sacramento furnished apartments, even though the housing market is not as tight as some other cities in the state. Sacramento Corporate RentalsFor instance, if you need to be near to the State Capitol, which many temporary visiting business people do, it is not impossible, but nonetheless can be very frustrating if you try to do it on your own.

If you are the CEO of a company that needs to relocate staff members into the city you will obviously not wish to have them housed in a hotel for weeks or months on end. The costs can be severe, and every dollar spent on accommodation is a dollar off the bottom line. It is not just the cost of the accommodation, but all the associated costs. For instance, if your staff member has to eat in the hotel restaurant – and there is really not much choice – it is going to cost a small fortune compared to that same staff member buying and cooking his or her own food.

Sacramento Furnished Apartments Make Total Sense

So it makes total sense to house staff in Sacramento furnished apartments rather than hotels. The problem is finding the right apartment in the right area close to the place of work. This reduces travel costs in addition to accommodation costs and has the added benefit that it also reduces the frustration of sitting in gridlock for an hour or more in the morning, meaning that your employee arrives for work fresh, rather than suffering from stress.

However, if you put your employee in a hotel in the city center it is obvious that the costs are going to be excessive.

The Word “Connections” Is Important

This is where Key Housing Connections can help. We chose the name of our brand very carefully, because the word “connections” is important. We have the right connections, not just in Sacramento but throughout California, which we have built up over the last 26 years since our beginning as a family business in 1990. Today we are a multi-million dollar operation finding furnished apartments throughout the State and especially Sacramento furnished apartments.

Apartment owners come to us today rather than the other way around in order to let their accommodation because they know that we have clients who want Sacramento furnished apartments and they will be able to let their properties quickly. It’s a win-win-win situation. You find the apartment that you need quickly, they rent it quickly, and as the middleman we make a fair profit. Everyone is happy.

So if you want to save a small fortune on hotel costs for your employees you know what to do next. Call us on (800) 989-0410, tell us what you need, and let us make everyone happy.

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