Corporate Housing Near the Google HQ In Mountain View: It’s Not Easy

Corporate housing in Mountain View is hard to find.

Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California. What a beautiful city! Those Googlers are pretty darn smart. Mountain View is California living at its best: great food, great entertainment, great climate, and near the vibrant Bay Area.Corporate housing near the Google headquarters in Mountain View

However, if you are looking for corporate housing near Google HQ because you are visiting them on business, then it is hard to find. This is for two main reasons, one of which is that there is not a lot of corporate housing near Google HQ available in the first place, and the other is because what there is available is always snapped up quickly by other people who are visiting Google HQ on business. It’s a bit of a vicious circle.

Not only that, but Google has a massive number of people working in its’ HQ, although it won’t say how many. However, we do know that the company has 45,000 employees overall, and that Mountain View city officials won’t say either, but they have said that it is “less than 26,143”. Don’t ask!

Google Gets A Lot Of Visitors

Whatever, Google gets a lot of visitors at Mountain View, many of whom are there on assignment by their companies, and they all want somewhere to live while they are there. What this means for you is that it is unlikely that you will find any corporate housing near Google HQ just by Googling it!

Which means that, in turn, you will just have to stay in a hotel. That can be depressing. A few days in a hotel – even a week – is not too bad, but any longer than that can be tedious. You live in a small bedroom out of a suitcase, and you have to abide by the hotel’s regulations and timing. So, if you want a late dinner at – say – 10.00pm because you have been working all day and into the evening, the restaurant is closed. The bar may still be open, but of course, the prices in hotel bars are through the roof.

Then there is simply the overall cost of staying in a hotel within a million miles of Google HQ. It is going to be well over the top compared to a hotel in, say, downtown Milpitas.

The answer is, if you are looking for corporate housing in Mountain View, to talk to us at Key Housing. We have properties to rent that are not on the market elsewhere because we have a lot of landlords on our books who let their homes through us rather than do it themselves. It makes their lives so much easier because they don’t have all the hassle. And that means that we can help you with corporate rentals that you won’t find on Google!

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