Love at First Sight: Furnished Apartments at Bixby Village in Long Beach

If you’re headed to Long Beach, California, and in search of a furnished apartment, make a bee-line for Bixby Village.  Long Beach may be the Rodney Dangerfield of south Los Angeles, but too bad for those who overlook it’s charms.  There are parks, multiple golf-courses, the Cal State university, and of course there’s a reason Long Beach has “beach” in its name–there is a beach and it is long!

Bixby Village: Long Beach at It’s Best

Long Beach Furnished Apartment
Featured Long Beach Furnished Apartments: Pathways at Bixby Village

Here are some reasons why you would want a furnished apartment located in Long Beach:

#1 – There’s dining and professional services available at the Bixby Village Plaza, certain to be close to your furnished apartment.  Not much further away is 9-holf golf course, and a clubhouse for relaxing when your game is done.

#2 – The entire complex is conveniently adjacent to the Pacific Coast Highway, so it’s easy to take off after work or on the weekends and get to some of the other beaches California is justly famous for; as nice as your furnished apartment in Long Beach is, you won’t want to spend all your time there.

#3 – The Queen Mary.  You can’t not go visit all the attractions on the Queen Mary.  It’s sort of like a stay-cation, and sort of like a cruise (but with no sea-sickness possible).

#4 – You will be living in a gracious apartment furnished with gorgeous habiliments; while you still have to go to work everyday, in Long Beach or elsewhere, when you come home to your furnished apartment it’s like you’re on vacation.

Furnished apartments: Hope There’s one Left You

When looking for furnished apartments in Long Beach, you’d better hope that not all of the Bixby Village units are taken. You cannot go wrong with a Bixby Village furnished apartment in Long Beach. Or you can browse all of our Long Beach furnished apartments.

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