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Everyone complains that the cities of Southern California all run together and have no distinguishing characteristics. From your vantage point in Riverside furnished apartments you would know that this is not true. Open the window, and breathe in the fresh-ish air Riverside is less smoggy than most of Los Angeles. If the wind is right you can even getRiverside Furnished Apartmentsa whiff of the cattle-lots over in Chino. Not going to have that rural-type experience over in Pasadena or Long Beach! You can tell that you are in Riverside even with your eyes closed.

Riverside Furnished Apartments: Where’s the Beef?

Actually, we’ve already figured that one out (over in Chino). But the more important point is that living Riverside furnished apartments is a pretty chill, and you won’t have much to complain about when you’re here. So, no beef. Plenty of shopping available when you’re running low on supplies, many nice restaurants to choose from on days when you don’t want to cook. This being Southern California you can get patio seating and eat comfortably outside on most days. What’s missing? Sadly, the town of Riverside doesn’t really have a river any longer. No need to bring fishing gear to your Riverside furnished apartments.

Get Lost! In a Good Way – Riverside Apartment Rentals

Riverside furnished apartments are great, but let’s be honest no one wants to sit around all weekend in their apartment (unless maybe you’re binge-watching episodes of The Office). There’s plenty of nearby places you can go to (metaphorically) get lost. The San Gabriel and San Jacinto mountains are close by if you’re pining for the smell of conifers. If getting cactus spines in your boot is more your thing then Joshua Tree (high desert) and Anza-Borrego (low desert) are just a little farther away, and make excellent days trips.

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