Santa Monica Furnished Apartments Will Wow You With Their Incredible Locations

Real estate comes with a lot of baggage about square footage, number of parking spots, the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, the tile in the bathroom, and blah blah blah, but you will forget all that when you see the location of some of these Santa Monica furnished apartments. “Awesome” you will exclaim! See, you are already picking up the surfer-dude lingo. This place is definitely for you. Sit down a bit and take in the view. Relax, look at the sun sparkling on the Santa Monica Serviced Apartmentswaves.

Santa Monica furnished apartments: Location x 3, Price x 3

Now remain sitting while the monthly rent is revealed. You get what you pay for, and Santa Monica furnished apartments do match their incredible location with some incredible prices. But it is definitely an instance of getting what you pay for. The ocean will be there every day, no one can take that away. Perform your due diligence, check out other properties, compare pluses and minuses in a spreadsheet. But sure as the sun sets in the West (and those Santa Monica furnished apartments do provide an excellent vantage point for watching them), you will be drawn back by the power of the location.

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