Oakland Furnished Apartments: The Secret is Out, and Units Going Fast

Given the choice, would you like to spend a month in a nicely appointed in Oakland furnished apartments, or in a box in a San Francisco corporate housing / apartment? The latter option is the real-life situation that the certifiably insane San Francisco real estate market come to. A man is paying $400/month just to live in a box in another person’s apartment. The Oakland furnished apartment is looking good, right?

Oakland Furnished Apartments: Sun Shines Over Here Too

The world has gone ga-ga over San Francisco and Silicon Valley, so people sometimes forget that the entire Bay Area shares the same wonderful Mediterranean climate. The sun does not Oakland Furnished Apartmentsshine especially brightly on San Francisco, just because some high-technology corporate offices are over there. If anything, the East Bay gets a bit more sun, clearing out from under the coastal fog first. Something to enjoy while sitting on the balcony of your Oakland furnished apartment. What about your job requirements? If your work requires you to be in San Francisco, then hop onto the BART and get over there in short order (no car needed!).

Oakland, a Hipster City Without the Rain

There was a time when it would not have made sense to put Oakland and Portland (Oregon) in the same sentence. But while you were not looking, Oakland became a hipster city, with art-walks and restaurants and the like. So, like Portland but without the gray and drizzle. They no longer roll up the sidewalks after 9:00PM here, varied amusements are to be found, probably in walking distance from your Oakland furnished apartment.

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